Used aircraft and aviation equipment market
26.08.2023, Boleráz airport-LZTR

Flight School EuroServis AERO s.r.o. and Aeroklub Trnava o.z. kindly invite European aviation public.

I'd like to participate

What is aeroburza?

AeroBurza is an event intended for the general public, dedicated exclusively to the sale of used aircrafts and aviation equipment.

Who can participate in AeroBurza:

  • Aircraft owners selling their aircraft or their authorised representatives
  • Those interested in buying an aircraft
  • Undecided - people who do not know yet whether they want to buy or sell the aircraft
  • Excluded from participation in AeroBurza are aircraft sold by the manufacturer with up to 100 hours of total flight time and contracting with manufacturers for the production of new aircraft.

What can i expect:

You can expect to buy or sell a plane here

  • Max. take-off weight up to 5700 kg
  • GA aircraft up to 5700kg + ULL
  • Helicopter
  • Glider
  • Autogyro
  • TMG

I'd like to participate

If you'd like to be a part of Aeroburza, confirm your participation by using one of following options:

  • Give us a call to +421907075592 for communication in English.

  • or call +421903615311 for Slovak, Czech And Russian language.

  • or even better, drop us an e-mail to

Where does the aeroburza take place?

Aeroburza is based in Boleráz airport - LZTR either on published date or alternate dates

Main term

  • 26. of august 2023

    Boleráz airport - LZTR from 03:40 - 17:50 UTC

    48.45661779189626, 17.525995637983645

Alternate dates

  • 27. of august 2023

  • 05. of september 2023

  • 06. of september 2023

Arrivals and departures:

We expect your arrivals from 3.40 UTC and last departures on this day under VFR NIGT conditions at 17.50 UTC

Why would I participate?

Every plane in my life has made me happy 2 times. The first time I bought it and the second time I sold it

As a buyer, I had to travel thousands of miles to choose an aircraft, I collected hundreds of photos, saw dozens of ARCs, noise certificates, releases to service, or maintenance certificates. At a certain age, travelling by car for a few days does not give us the same pleasure as it did when we were young, when we were discovering the beauty of European airports.

As a seller, for a change, I sent hundreds of emails, photos, receipts and certificates to various prospective buyers from all over Europe and then flew to the buyers. It was often a long road to the sale, which included cancelled bookings, unpaid deposits, unnecessarily rejected potential buyers.


Even so, I was never sure that I was buying the right thing, at the best price, and vice versa, that I was selling the best deal.

Based on my experience and the experience of many other aircraft owners, we are therefore organizing the first meeting of current and future aircraft owners who want to sell, exchange or buy aircraft or parts of aircraft, which will take place at one of the largest European sports airports in Slovakia in the village Boleráz - LZTR.

Main season is coming to an end, therefore prices are low.

Now the price is usually better for the buyer, as there is less flying in autumn and winter and usually the costs for the owner are high for the next six months.more...

The buyer wants to get the plane ready for next season, polish it up, update the avionics, get acquainted with a new toy, or get the plane ready for flight school next season.

We are already planning a spring auction around mid-April 2024. The price at this time is better for the seller - the interested party wants the aircraft for the new season, for exploring Europe, for a holiday with children by the sea, or for the entry of pupils into flight schools.

We will publish your participation so that interested parties can come and see your aircraft or purchase it right away.

For special requests, please send us an email

Participation fee

50€ for one aircraft and two-person crew

The fee includes:

  • Any number of landings (including test landings, with the potential buyer)
  • Lunch
  • Unlimited soft drinks on tap
  • Possible purchase of lunch for additional persons
  • Free internet connection
  • Tech support

More about airport

The airport has a length of 2,600 metres, the maintained runway is 1,200 metres long. The width of the runway is 110 metres.

You can meet people with many qualifications at the airport. There are also rooms available for separate meetings in private. We can accommodate more than 100 aircraft at one location. When you sell your glider, we have the option of an aerotow at a cost of €40 up to 3500 feet via several types of tow planes.

You can refuel:

  • Mogas 100
Slovenská verzia

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